sur-ron 轻蜂 刹车盘brake disc 拆卸规范

最近,很多车友反应虬龙科技-轻蜂的刹车盘拆卸很困难,甚至过程中产生 螺丝滑丝的情况,螺丝彻底卡死无法取出来。

Recently, many motorcyclists have responded that it is difficult to disassemble the brake disc of sur-ron light bee, or even to produce screw slips in the process. The screws are completely stuck and cannot be removed.


By contacting the factory, sur-ron made a special video showing the specifications during installation, and analyzing the problem may be that the motorist used the wrong tools.




图二:工厂螺纹胶 1/3圈,T20螺母头工具

视频三:用T20螺丝头+扭力扳手10 n.m的力量,交叉拧紧。